Coconut fiber

For rapid re-wetting

Light and stable fiber

Coconut fiber has a low density of less than 90 kg/m3. It makes the substrate more lightweight so that it is better able to overcome certain technical constraints, such as transport and storage. In addition, despite their light weight, the fibers are elastic and therefore resist the natural compaction of substrates during cultivation. This effect is reinforced by their very high biological stability

Very easily re-wetted

The fibers react very quicklyupon contact with water. They are very easily re-wetted and therefore help soil mixes to reabsorb water. They are also very effective for the lateral diffusion of water, to eliminate “stack effects” in pots and to limit capillary rise. The high water-retention capacity of the fibers helps avoid water stress. This also makes it possible to reduce the frequency of watering.

Natural and renewable

Coconut fiber is a renewable raw material (within a lifetime), which makes use of a by-product of the coconut industry. The fibers are not subjected to any chemical treatment but are naturally rot-proof.


  • Light and stable fiber

  • Very easily re-wetted

  • Natural and renewable