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Our Export manager Yulia interviewed several peat suppliers from Baltic area. This year harvest of peat was bad due to rainy summer therefore peat stock will have higher humidity rate at 60% instead of 40% usually. Because of higher humidity, the volume of peat per container will be lower and the coarse fractions will degrade itself during sea transportation. As peat suppliers already sold their stocks of 2016, we can expect that quality of peat will not be as good as usual and price will raise fastly in 2017.

« This bad weather condition in Baltics area is an unexpected opportunity for Fulan and Chinese growers » says Antoine Chupin (Project Developper). Our main product Woodpeat® has been developed in order to become the substitute of peat moss with the same water availability and high porosity for aeration that improve healthy root development.

Fulan’s French agronomic expert Jean-Marc Bregeon can come to visit you to provide further explanation and samples for you to test Woodpeat® by yourself.
Please contact Liang Jin Fu to organise a meeting and a get a quote mobile: 159 0198 2453  email: liangjinfu2008@163.com