50% less peat!

An effective recipe

Peat is not a renewable material. In order to limit its use, our R&D engineers Have developed a substitute called Hortifibre®. This wood fiber, mixed together with blonde peat and minerals, gives a new mixture: Hortibio®. Hortibio® has already proven its worth, having met with the approval of professionals for over 15 years!

Excellent agronomic qualities

One of the chief advantages of this raw material is its consistent quality. The Hortifibre content improves drainage and wettability, which are both essential to improve management of water requirements. Plants dry out slower than those grown in substrates made of 100% peat.

A low environmental footprint

Hortibio® helps us to reduce our impact on the environment! By choosing Hortibio®, you will cut down on transport, fertilizer inputs and plastic packaging. In addition, this unique patented wood fiber has the lowest carbon footprint of all the raw materials used in soil mixes (source: EPAGMA, 2012).


  • Promotes plant growth thanks to its fibrous and well-aerated structure

  • Reduces the need for watering

  • Improved carbon footprint


  • High-quality raw materials (patented manufacturing process for Hortifibre®)

  • A precise yet adaptable mix to cater for all needs