100% renewable patented wood fiber

Safe and reliable production

HORTIFIBRE® is a professional process; wood fiber is manufactured via a patented thermo-mechanical process which consists in crushing coniferous wood chips sourced from a sawmill.

It is produced in 4 factories in Europe.

Environmentally-friendly and economical

HORTIFIBRE® is a renewable raw material which makes use of a by-product of the wood industry, sourced from sustainably-managed forests. This wood fiber is 100% natural as it contains no chemical or material additives.

HORTIFIBRE® is biodegradable. The wood fiber degrades after use, leaving no residue. Itslow weight reduces transport costs.

Advantages for professional growers

Aeration: The high porosity of HORTIFIBRE® LD improves aeration of the substrate.

Water retention: A mixture of 50% HORTIFIBRE® LD + 50% blonde peat or coco coir offer the same water-retention capacity as peat.

Easy re-wetting: HORTIFIBRE® is naturally hydrophilic.

Root development: Improved drainage and water retention encourages fast and healthy plant growth.


  • Pressed and dried to reduce transport costs (economic advantage)

  • High porosity for improved root development (agronomic advantage)

  • Sustainable, renewable and natural (environmental advantage)


  • Patented manufacturing technology

  • High-temperature defibrating process for safe fibers of consistent quality

  • Good nitrogen management for guaranteed product stability and effectiveness