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Thanks to the complementary skills of our staff, we are able to offer you the highest levels of expertise and provide you with the best possible advice.

ZHOU WEIJIFactory manager
My mission is to monitor our stock and produce high-quality substrates according to very strict formulation standards. I have worked in various factories in Shenzhen and on a number of construction sites. I am familiar with production processes, and I am trained to drive loaders and forklifts.
HUANG JIANGANGFactory worker
I help the factory manager with production. I prepare orders and carry out EC and pH tests.
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JEAN-MARC BREGEONAsia pole Manager - Horticultural engineer
I work in the fields of horticulture, agriculture, market gardening and also nursery, for over 30 years. I advise our French and foreign teams and customers and provide them technical support. I went to China over 40 times since 2005 to develop projects in several cities, Hangzhou, Nanchang and others…. At Fulan, I advise our Chinese clients on our substrates and find solutions to improve their methods with new efficient substrates economically competitive.
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LIANG JINFUDistributor
Having worked for over 10 years in East China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang) for a Taiwanese substrate manufacturer, I am very familiar with the horticulture, nursery-production and vegetable-production market. I believe in the potential of Fulan. Hortifibre, Woodpeat and Hortibio are revolutionary products that could revolutionize the Chinese market.
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ANTOINE CHUPINProjects developer
I frequently travel between France, Asia Pacific and the USA, and develop new projects and products for the Chinese market. I attend many exhibitions and visit our international partners in my quest to come up with innovative ideas and products for China and France.
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IULIIA BONDARENKOFrench logistics manager
I am Ukrainian and manage Florentaise’s peat-production plant in Estonia. I supervise all shipments to China, including Hortifibre from France, peat moss from Lithuania and coco peat from India. I deal with suppliers, but I also participate in the development of the Group’s projects.
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LIU LINHUAShanghai logistics agent
Having worked for over 10 years in international logistics in Shanghai, I am perfectly familiar with all the procedures concerning customs clearance and delivery. With my experience, I know everything there is to know about Shanghai customs, and I can ensure that containers and products are delivered on time, anywhere in East China.
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YUVARAJ MUTHUFloreasy India Private Limited - Operations Manager
I am an Export Assistant in France and Operations Manager in India. I am in charge of production, logistics, warehousing and purchasing. I have also been assigned the task of purchasing coco peat at affordable prices for China and France, as well as ensuring product quality.
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TANGUY DUPASExport Project Manager - Philippines
I am based in the Philippines and come from an international business background. I source coco products and aim of to set up a factory in the country. This factory will supply Fulan’s clients, meeting their various specifications.
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About us

From the very outset, Florentaise—France’s leading manufacturer of growing media—has always built its entire strategy around sustainable development and product innovation. It fully intends to pursue this approach in China through its subsidiary, Fulan.

Long-standing expertise

Fulan draws on long-standing expertise that has already successfully been put to the test in Europe. It is second to none in all of the company’s departments. Today, our expertise has made it possible for the group to manage over 250 product references of soil mixes, mulches and soil improvers. Fulan relies on the support of no less than 9 horticultural engineers and agronomists, who work continuously to improve product performance and quality. Fulan’s expertise is guaranteed by its experienced staff and confirmed by frequent client audits.

Proven Quality and Effectiveness

Not content with the large number of patents and products, certified by several recognized European bodies, the Purchasing, Marketing and R&D departments are constantly in search of innovations. All Fulan products have been technically approved by our experimental station and in-house laboratories. In addition to our very strict specifications, we systematically test our substrates to measure their physico-chemical characteristics as well as the rooting, flowering and growth performance of the plants.

N.B. one of our experts regularly visits, in person, to offer our clients his or her expertise on how to use our products.

A strategy based on sustainable development

Sustainable development has been at the heart of Florentaise’s strategy for many years. Our strategy for the next 5 years once again confirms this: “Let’s innovate together to sustainably grow, feed and care for plants on a greener EARTH.”

How can we meet our challenges? By continuing to reduce our carbon emissions, stepping up concrete action in favor of sustainable development and by never ceasing to innovate so that we can create effective yet environmentally-friendly products.


A company like Fulan could not exist without its partners:

Our implementation

We are a french leading substrates manufacturer experts for more than 40 year with a strong international presence.

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Do you have any questions? Our team at Fulan will get back to you as soon as possible.

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