Fulan is the new born joint-venture created by Florentaise and Shanghai Ganyuan.

Our purpose is to help growing, feeding and protecting the sustainable way in China. We produce and supply growing media made of sustainable raw material.

From Florentaise view, China market is a real challenge. Chinese growers have very different habits compare to French ones. The different range of weather from north to south China is much broader than our French climate , and we discovered new range of plants that have never been produced in Europe.

In order to get a better understanding of China market, Florentaise decided to invest in a joint-venture with the Chinese company Shanghai Ganyuan in 2016. Shanghai Ganyuan is Fulan’s distributor. Shanghai Ganyuan’s general manager mr Liang Jin Fu shares our values and believe in our environment-friendly growing media. Thanks to his team and experience, Fulan have been promoting our products Hortifbre®, Woodpeat® and Hortibio® . Same as cocopeat changed Chinese growers habits ten years ago, we believe that Hortifbre® will also revolutionize the market. We noticed that Chinese growers main fear is unregular quality in locally produced soil that lead to poorer quality plants.
Fulan produces environmentally-friendly soil with reliable quality that growers can use safely. We have strict control on each raw material before and during the production until delivery.

Our plant is located in Zhejiang Jiashan as near as possible from our clients to reduce carbon emission by transport and to lower logistics cost.
Please feel free to visit our website and contact us for further information