Peat free!

Reliable & reproducible production

Florentaise’s engineers have developed a special process to mix coco coir and HORTIFIBRE® in order to obtain the peat substitute WOODPEAT®. This new FLORENTAISE product is made with the finest raw materials: coco coir of excellent quality and our patented HORTIFIBRE®. The high temperatures used during manufacturing (150°C) guarantee safe and stable fibers of consistent quality.

Advantages for professional growers

Water availability: WOODPEAT® has the same water availability as Baltic white peat and is a perfect peat substitute.

Aeration: The high porosity of WOODPEAT® increases aeration of the substrate.

Root development: Improved drainage and water retention encourage fast and healthy plant growth.


WOODPEAT® is a sustainable and renewable raw material composed of by-products of the wood and coconut industry. WOODPEAT® is 100% natural as it contains no chemical or material additives.


  • Excellent water availability and water retention

  • Easy re-wetting

  • Prevents asphyxiation of the roots and maximizes root growth


  • A patented heat-treated fiber that is safe and stable

  • A precise balance of wood fiber and coco peat for optimal physical properties

  • Compressed for easy transport and storage